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Safe Driving Tips

If you travel either near or far away, security remains first. You do not want it if you have an accident because you are not disciplined in traffic, or you do not check when you want to start a journey. For those of you who like to travel, will provide tips for driving safely, one of which is to use coins as a hint whether the tire is still worthy or bald and should be replaced. Put the coin on the tire of the vehicle tire, if you can see all the coins, then it is time to change the tires. Keep the tires from the hole in the road. If it is forced to pass, then pass slowly and let the entire surface of the tire into the hole. Thus, you will reduce the risk of damage, especially on the tire wall. This way can also keep the vehicle well controlled.

When the road condition is damaged that will be faced is the hole, the driver will be faced with the choice between passing or avoiding the hole. However, if required to pass through the hole, should consider the depth of the hole and compare with the height of the ground clearance of the vehicle being steered. Do not forget also to watch the vehicle in front as it passes through the hole. This is so that the driver can estimate the impact that will be received by the vehicle. If the hole feels too deep, try to find the lowest area of ??the hole, and make sure the vehicle tires enter fully into the hole. However, if the driver chooses to maneuver and avoid the hole, do not forget not to do so abruptly. Pay attention to traffic conditions, starting from the vehicle at the rear, until the vehicle is driving from the opposite direction. This is important to avoid accidents that can occur when the driver maneuvers unexpectedly.

The balance should also check you periodically. This is to avoid unstable tire rotation when traveling long distances by facing a wide range of road terrain. Note the maximum weight your vehicle can load. When the vehicle carries a load that exceeds the maximum capacity then the pressure on the tire will be excessive. If it happens often it is very dangerous especially when maneuvering at high speed. Similarly, tips that you can apply to get a safe trip with your Range Rover.