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If you have a business and want to market online, then one of the most effective marketing strategies today is to use search engines, for example, Google. If your website/blog is included in the top 10 google search results for keywords that you are aiming for, it can be ascertained that many of your website visitors will come from search engines and most likely they will buy products or use the services you sell through your website. Marketing through search engine optimization is arguably the most elite and effective marketing technique because it’s free and the conversion is usually high. What is your main reason for hiring seo experts nyc? Can they really work to help you optimize your site? To help your website enter the top 10 Google search results, it’s not easy. To help maximize SEO on your website, it would be better to follow a few tips below.

1. Keyword Research

When you will create a website for your business, of course, you don’t just make it without planning. The first step that is very important and you have to do is find out how people type keywords in the google search engine to find the information they need. How to? You can research keywords by using Google Adwords: Keyword Tools, this service is provided by Google for free.

2. Use Domain Contains Keywords

After the penguin algorithm update, some people say that keywords on domains are bad because they can be considered SPAM by search engines. Well, in the online marketing world many people say things that are uncertain as for if they understand the most about SEO.

3. Quality Content

There are some debates about what quality content, some say “the article is at least 500 words”, and some say “the article is at least 700 words”, the fact is there is nothing better than an original content. Make content for your readers, how to make your readers will read all your content continuously.