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Tips on Caring for Socks

Caring for Novelty Socks is a must. What else for people who often use it in doing its activities. For example, schoolchildren, going to school must use complete attributes to school including socks. It’s the same with an employee and an athlete. It is embarrassing to have dirty, stretchy socks.

For that, we must care for socks with the best. That way, socks last longer and we can save money. When washing does not use a brush, just use your hand until clean. A brush can damage the rubber material on socks. If you do not want to tire, just put it in the washing machine. But I am not sure it would be clean if in a washing machine.

Try to dry socks do not be too long. If exposed to the sun for too long, the rubber material can be damaged. Or safer, drying on the inside of the house that is not exposed to the sun directly.

Never ironing socks! This will make the rubber melts. Save neatly. When saving, try socks do not tie, because at the time tied socks withdrawn strong. This can lead to rapid stretchy socks.