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What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is not a concept that is new or pure from photography itself. However, a mixture of several photography concepts such as glamor, fashion, nude, and erotic, and these things can be merged to become boudoir photography.

This photo concept itself is usually taken in a luxurious hotel room or studio that gives a sensual or sexy impression. The costume worn in the Boudoir concept itself is usually lingerie or incomplete, just like wearing a t-shirt. However, some people prefer to use glamorous clothing to give a different impression than usual. And in special cases even nude. Boudoir puts forward an implicit nude, giving rise to a curious effect for anyone who sees it.

In western countries like America, concepts like this already have a large enough market. However, women in Asia themselves do not seem interested in photographing themselves using the concept of a photo like this.

One function of the photo with the concept of boudoir is to perpetuate the keenness of the moment. Everyone must realize that the beauty it has is not eternal. Capture your beauty while you can.

Another function is to be used as a gift to his partner. Couples can see different sides of you. As I explained above, this photo concept increases the sensitivity you have.

And most importantly is as a narcissistic event. Give yourself a favor with your beautiful photos!

Although boudoir is kinda erotic, is actually not a pornography at all. It can be seen by the way that the photographers still want their models to put some beautiful clothes on their body. However, some people may mistake it for the ones that they may find at the porn sites, so that’s why knowing that boudoir isn’t a porn is necessary.

It’s actually having more aesthetical value than porn, while obviously, porn is actually not caring about aesthetic at all, as long as their consumers like their photos or movies. However, when we take a look at boudoir, it’s more personal, more aesthetic, and also more to an art instead of mere nudity.