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Know the Types of AC Before Buying It

Many people buy air conditioning without paying attention, what type is really needed. Perhaps this is also the trigger of a fast-breaking AC. The choice of air conditioner should be adjusted to the condition of the house or room. At least, there are three most common types of air conditioners, distinguished from their function and effectiveness. Choose what suits your home circumstances. You can simply visit in the case your HVAC system needs to get repaired.

Window units are air conditioners in windows mounted through a hole in the wall. Large houses or buildings usually use this type of air conditioning because the cold temperature spread is colder and evenly distributed. Wall units, as the name implies, this type of air conditioning mounted against the wall. Suitable for the large room at home like the living room, family room or main room. Portable units are air conditioners that are not mounted on walls or windows so they can be moved from one room to another. Although quite practical, cold air is usually not too felt when placed in a large space and many people. AC type is more suitable placed in the room, or for a small house.