Porsche Boxster for New Generation of Porsche

It’s lighter and more efficient, faster and agiler. This is the label that is worth putting on the newest generation Porsche Boxster. With a lightweight new all-body design and a total change in chassis, the latest Boxster sets a new edge for Porsche Intelligent Performance. Regarding acceleration, Porsche has an average of 6 seconds in the 0-60 times or 12 seconds test to reach ΒΌ miles. This proves Porsche has a pretty good acceleration.

Functionally, ergonomics and comfort are the development goals that Porsche has implemented. The result is a new interior design that is sophisticated, clean lines, which are influenced by the Carrera GT super sports car. The forward sloping center console with the gearbox control height gives the driver a more integrated feeling.

The Boxster middle engine concept is a decisive reason for its extraordinary agility since the roadster is there. In addition, the flat-six engine with an economical performance, located on the rear axle, makes this two-seater Porsche a model of performance and efficiency. With direct fuel injection, heat management, electrical system recovery and auto start/stop function, the two engine models are more powerful than ever on one side. On the other hand, fuel is 15 percent more efficient in any model.

On the exterior, the typical improved design is on the shoulder line, which extends from the front wing that curves up steadily to the rear side which also includes the outer mirror, and is now located near the edge of the door. What is quite impressive and shows its characteristics is the dynamic curve on the new door, which guides the intake of water (air intake) to strike intake (input pull) on the back side, here you can see the roadster heartbeat. The new taillights are all in LED technology, perfectly integrated into the rear apron with curved shapes all around the car. The rear pipe is redesigned, complementing its deep and centered appearance.

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