Know This Before You Build Space Under The Roof

Another secret homeowner that you do not know is to create a space under your roof. The space under the roof can be an alternative to addiction room in your home. However, before making a space under the roof, there are some things you should consider so that the space under your roof is safe and precise. The roofer should know there are some things you need to know in utilizing the space under the roof, that is not all the roof can be utilized to be space. The most match roof is the type of saddle roof, because it only consists of horses at the end of the wall, so the room under the roof is big enough. For more elaborate roofs like a pyramid, use as a small warehouse. Roof with wooden horses or concrete that has a distance of 3 to 4 meters, quite freely if used as a room. Unlike the roof made of a lightweight steel frame that has the horses are tightly dated, ie 1 – up to 1.5 meters so difficult to use for a room under the roof.

The recommended minimum height for space under the roof of your house is 2.4 meters, calculated from the ceiling’s top point to the bottom point of the roof frame. This is useful so that when you are in the room will not feel cramped and disturbing. Choose a light floor material for the attic, like wood. Wood material is susceptible to termites, so before installing give anti-termite and coated first to be safe from termite attack. The rooftop space is directly under the pela [the roof of the roof, making it hot. Install additional insulation on the roof to reduce heat races. Useable insulation: aluminum foil, glass wall, or polyurethane.

In order not to disrupt the circulation of space under it, then think well the location of the stairs. Use any type for the model and the material. Space under the roof is a solution to create a new room. Utilization of this is needed for you who have limited land. For that, know a few things before making the space under the roof is the maximum and safe.

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