Don’t Do Some of These Annoying Things In The Cinema

Watching movies at the cinema is certainly an activity that is often done by many people. This is because they can get entertainment by watching movies there. However, the thing that is very annoying from watching a movie is that you can not get a ticket because the film is being watched by many people. Now, you can buy the ticket and see the price at AMC ticket prices. That way, you will no longer run out of tickets in theaters.

Unfortunately, many people who watch movies always do annoying and annoying activities to other audiences. Some annoying activities that are often done are

1. See mobile phones in the cinema
By looking at the cellphone in the cinema, you will be very disturbing to other viewers. This is because the light from your cell phone will be very disturbing in the middle of a dark cinema. You must be able to hold yourself back to see mobile phones in the cinema theater. And don’t forget to make sure that your mobile is in silent mode.

2. Too noisy
There are lots of people around you who are enjoying the film, you should be able to hold back from chatting especially when the movie is playing. That will be very disturbing to everyone around you. they won’t focus on the film because you are too noisy.

3. Comment
Sometimes, there are people who comment on the movie being played. Especially if the comment is made in a very fast voice. This will be very disturbing to everyone watching. Especially if your comments are not important to the film.

4. Bringing children
Many people still bring their children to watch movies which are not specifically for small children until their children finally cry in the cinema. For you parents, make sure to invite children to watch films that are appropriate for their age so as not to disturb many people.

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