Applying SEO to the YouTube videos

To reap maximum revenue through Youtube Adsense, uploading videos and monetizing them is certainly not enough. In this case, you have to apply SEO in your Youtube video, so that your Youtube video search is even more optimal. Aside from that, you may need to hire Charles Brian International to boost your site’s rank and also the SEO effectiveness for your online business.

There are several techniques that need to be considered when implementing SEO on youtube videos, as follows:

1. Doing Keyword Research

To implement SEO on Youtube videos, keywords are the most important element. As with SEO optimization on blogs, keywords make it easy for your Youtube videos to be found by search engines. In this research keyword phase, you can use several sites to help find quality keywords for your Youtube videos.

2. Rename Youtube Video Files Before uploading

When you find a number of keywords that can be selected for the SEO video optimization SEO process, then you prepare the file to be uploaded. However, you should rename the video file first with the name according to the title of your video. Based on several sources, doing this is believed to facilitate Youtube when browsing your videos. This is because the name of your video file is relevant to the name of the actual video title.

3. Enter Keyword in Youtube Video Title

When applying the video title, you should enter keywords in your Youtube video title. This can be said to be the basis for SEO optimization for your youtube video.

4. Video Description

Not a few YouTube channel users who underestimate the video description function. Most of them don’t understand how to do video optimization on youtube. Though actually the description in the youtube video can be used to optimize SEO on Youtube Videos that you make. Still related to keywords, the way is to explain the contents of your youtube video.

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